Home Removals: 5 Packing Supplies You Need When Moving House

Are you looking for home removals? Moving house can be a stressful time. It’s important to be organised when relocating to make the transition smooth and simple. At Whites Removals, we can provide a full packing service, or we can provide the supplies for you to do this yourself. If you choose to pack your belongings at home, here is some of the equipment we recommend.

Quality Boxes

First and foremost, cardboard boxes are essential to home removals. Ensure you pick the right size and thickness for whatever you are packing. Boxes should be filled level and shouldn’t be too heavy or light. Ensure there’s no space left in them for maximum efficiency.

Home Removals: Packing Tape & Dispenser

Packing tape is essential for closing up those cardboard boxes you have packed. You can simply use the tape as normal, or you might want to get a dispenser. This hand-held tool is really useful and will make the process of closing boxes much faster. Once you have the knack of the tape dispenser, closing boxes couldn’t be easier.

Thick Marker Pen

Often overlooked, a marker pen is essential when it comes to organised home removals. We recommend using it to write on a box what room the items need to go in for ease with the removal team. You might also want to write a brief list of the contents of the box. This way, if you’re trying to find an item, it can be located easily. We recommend using various colours of pens to label boxes as this can help organise by room and priority.

Bubble Wrap Or Packing Paper

When packing fragile or precious belongings, it’s important to ensure that they are packaged safely during home removals. This is where bubble wrap or packing paper comes in. They can be used as protection inside a cardboard box to stop them from moving around and bashing into other items. This is especially important for glassware, crockery, and perhaps awards that you don’t want to get scratched.

Sharp Scissors

Scissors are good to keep near you when packing as they could be needed at any time. Perhaps you need to cut tape or open a box you’ve already sealed. Scissors are handy to have, so ensure they are part of your packing supplies.

Other Useful Bits For Home Removals

When you’ve got all the above supplies, you’re ready to get started with the packing process. If you want to be even more prepared, it might be good to ensure you have the following. Make sure to stock up on bin bags, as you might want to throw things away during the process of moving. Large grocery bags might also be useful for bits you want to take yourself to the new property, as boxes might be too large for your vehicle. Finally, you could invest in a mattress cover for protection during the move.

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For more information on the services that we provide, get in touch with us today. Our friendly team can provide a full packing service, or provide you with the essentials to pack up your home or business.

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